China Tour starting soon !!!

by Papier Tigre

Hello !

All the songs from our next album are now ready for a live experience ! We are so excited to play these new songs… and to record them in July (we’ll tell you more about that soon).

We’ll fly over to China next weekend to play the following shows :

2011/06/21 – WUHAN, CN 武汉 – Zhuankou Sport Centre 地点待定 : 沌口体育中心, 汉阳区
2011/06/23 – BEIJING, CN 北京 – Yu Gong Yi Shan 地点 愚公移山
2011/06/24 – QINGDAO, CN 青岛 – Ocean University, Laoshan Campus 地点 多功能大厅
2011/06/25 – JINAN, CN 济南/濟南 – Banjo Music Bar 地点 班卓音乐酒

I know for sure it’s going to be an unforgettable trip, don’t miss this.