Papier Tigre The Screw© JB Geoffroy


10 years after they started from scratch, PAPIER TIGRE have built a name for themselves with three albums Papier Tigre (2007), The Beginning And End Of Now (2008), Recreation (2012) and over 500 shows in more than 25 countries over 3 continents, with the three-piece appearing at ATP among other festivals around the globe.

Their music is firmly entrenched in the tradition of inventive, challenging punk but combines elements of experimental music with pop compositions. The band understands that a song being intelligent and complex need not exclude it from having a raw, danceable energy. They are constantly pushing the limits of their unusual line-up (drums, 2 guitars, percussion, vocals) when the band is not playing with La Colonie de Vacances.

On their new album The Screw (2016), PAPIER TIGRE has matured into a devastatingly efficient unit, with instruments, ideas and personalities bouncing off each other in an audible culture of creativity. The 9 songs are an impressive account of the band’s ability to balance different atmospheres, underlined by original rhythmic patterns, minimalist melodic lines and distinctive vocal hooks, the whole blossoming as their most significant work yet.