China Tour 2011 announced !

Dear friends,

We are delighted to announce our 3rd chinese tour since 2008 !
It’s almost a love story now between China and Papier Tigre, a complex blend of (hard) feelings and attraction. It all started with a show we did in Poitiers, France at the very beginning of the band. Then a copy of our debut album flew over to Beijing. And then, thanks to a couple amazing men and women who like our music, and became our friends, we did the CRAZIEST tours a band can imagine, even a bit more I think.

We will be back in June 2011 and we will play the songs from our new album in these cities :

2011/06/21 – WUHAN, CN 武汉 – Zhuankou Sport Centre 地点待定 : 沌口体育中心, 汉阳区
2011/06/23 – BEIJING, CN 北京 – Yu Gong Yi Shan 地点 愚公移山
2011/06/24 – QINGDAO, CN 青岛 – Ocean University, Laoshan Campus 地点 多功能大厅
2011/06/25 – JINAN, CN 济南/濟南 – Banjo Music Bar 地点 班卓音乐酒

See you soon